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Education Policy Center Seminar Speaker Series

Education Policy Center Seminar Speaker Series

 Title: “Premium or penalty? Labor market returns to novice public sector teachers” Colloquium Presentation by Lucrecia Santibañez, Associate Professor of Teaching, Learning and Culture from the School of Education at Claremont Graduate University  It is unclear whether public sector teachers are under or overpaid relative to other occupations because we generally lack knowledge on teachers’ outside labor… Read More »

The First Amendment & Public Universities

Join us for the latest edition of the Center for Higher and Adult Education speaker series! “The First Amendment and Public Universities: Understanding the Law, Policy and Higher Education.” The First Amendment has a long and important history within U.S. public universities. Protecting five basic freedoms (including freedom of speech), it ties directly to issues… Read More »

Forum: Early Childhood Education for At-risk Children

Discussions regarding early childhood education in Michigan are heard far outside of the classroom these days. Legislative deliberations focus on access to early education for the most vulnerable, on funding early education that specifically supports at-risk families, and on raising the bar on quality education as new research directs training for those working with Michigan’s… Read More »