Book Chapter: Mixed Race Millennials in College: Multiracial Students in the Age of Obama

October 11, 2012

Renn, K. A. (2011). Mixed race millennials in college:  Multiracial students in the age of Obama. In F. A. Bonner, II (Ed.), Diverse millennial students in college: Implications for faculty and student affairs (pp. 227-243). New York, NY: New York University Press.

“The U.S. Census data predict that the number of mixed race college students will increase substantially over the next several years (Renn, 2009). As mixed race Millennials have become more visible on campus, they have challenged “business as usual” for multicultural student services, ethnic studies curricula, and student data collection and reporting (Kellogg & Niskode, 2008; Wong & Buckner, 2008). This chapter defines and describes the mixed race population and identifies key areas of student and academic affairs that are affected by the increasing presence, visibility, and voice of students who do not identify in the old “choose one only” racial categories that dominated official postsecondary data and campus identity politics through the late 20th century. I describe changes in peer culture, identity politics, and academic emphases related to the emergence of a visible mixed race Millennial student population.” (p. 227)


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