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Global competition, coloniality, and the geopolitics of knowledge in higher education- Dr. Riyad Shahjahan

  Dr. Riyad A. Shahjahan is a faculty member in higher, adult and lifelong education. His areas of expertise are in globalization and higher education, teaching and learning in higher education (focusing on anti- oppressive and embodied pedagogy), equity and social justice and anti/postcolonial theory. His recent publication, Global competition, coloniality, and the geopolitics of… Read More »

Journal Article: Making Emeritus Matter

Baldwin, R. G., & Zeig, M. J. (2012). Making emeritus matter. Change, 44, 28-34. “What is an emeritus professor? The emeritus role means different things at different colleges and universities, but generally it has an elusive, ambiguous quality. It may simply mean that a professor has retired with an honorific title acknowledging many years of service to… Read More »