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Researchers win grants from William T. Grant Foundation

Michigan State University education researchers will lead two new projects funded by grants from the William T. Grant Foundation. Each of the six research grants announced by the foundation this month will further understanding of everyday youth settings and the use of research evidence in the policies and practices that affect youth. MSU Professor Ken… Read More »

How teens choose their friends

It’s a common perception portrayed in movies from “The Breakfast Club” to “Mean Girls.” Teenage friendships are formed by joining cliques such as jocks, geeks and goths. But a national study led by a Michigan State University scholar finds that the courses students take have powerful effects on the friendships they make. The study was… Read More »

Researchers explore who benefits from nature tourism

MSU researchers including College of Education Professor Ken Frank say using nature’s beauty as a tourist draw can boost conservation in China’s valued panda preserves, but it isn’t an automatic ticket out of poverty for the human inhabitants. The policy hitch: Often those who benefit most from nature-based tourism endeavors are people who already have… Read More »

Podcast aired on professor’s flipped classroom experience

Ken Frank of the MSU College of Education is one professor who has caught on to a new trend in hybrid teaching: flipped classrooms. Frank recently spoke with Alex Galarza and Andrea Zellner on MSU’s GradHacker podcast about his support of the breakthough pedagological method. (Cued in at the 19-minute mark.) Zellner is a Ph.D.… Read More »

MSU scholar edits timely volume on Assessing Teacher Quality

Many policymakers have been promoting reforms that attempt to hold teachers accountable for producing gains in student achievement. But test-based accountability alone cannot solve our most challenging educational problems. The authors of a new volume on the topic, Assessing Teacher Quality: Understanding Teacher Effects on Instruction and Achievement, include several researchers affiliated with the Michigan… Read More »