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US, MSU see increase in multiracial students

HALE Associate Professor Kristen Renn, who has written a book about multiracial college students, was quoted in this State News article. How do the experiences of multiracial students vary, and how can this increase affect their college experience?

College students lack scientific literacy, study finds

College students lack scientific literacy, study finds

Most college students in the United States do not grasp the scientific basis of the carbon cycle – an essential skill in understanding the causes and consequences of climate change, according to research published in the January issue of BioScience. The study, whose authors include several current and former researchers from Michigan State University, calls… Read More »

Conditions for part-time adjuncts hurts quality of teaching

A new study by HALE professors Roger Baldwin and Matthew R. Wawrzynski suggests part-time adjunct instructors are more likely to use ineffective teaching techniques because of the quality of their comparative working conditions. Read more of the details and debate in the Chronicle of Higher Education article. The results are set to be published in… Read More »

EAD Course Selected as Best Fully Online Course

The course, EAD 866: Teaching in Post Secondary Education, taught by Dr. Ann Austin, Dr. John Dirkx, and Dr. Rhonda Egidio has been selected as Best in the Fully Online Course category for the 2010 AT&T Faculty Awards program. Libraries, Computing, and Technology in the Office of the Provost initiated this annual awards program to… Read More »