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MSU to help research what makes the best teachers

Two MSU College of Education scholars are part of a research team examining what happens in university-based teacher preparation programs that helps enhance teaching quality before individuals enter the profession. Spyros Konstantopoulos, professor of measurement and quantitative methods, and Corey Drake, associate professor of teacher education and director of the Teacher Preparation Program at MSU, are part… Read More »

Undergraduate study abroad applications open

Applications are now open to students interested in summer 2016 undergraduate study abroad programs from the MSU College of Education. The programs—including trips to European, African and Asian countries—take place between May and August 2016. “[Study abroad] is a great way to have an unforgettable experience that helps make you a better student, and makes… Read More »

MSU hosts international math education conference

More than 500 scholars and educators will be at Michigan State University this week for the 37th annual conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, North American chapter (PME-NA). MSU College of Education faculty members Tonya Bartell and Kristen Bieda were selected to serve as co-chairs of the conference, which runs… Read More »

Marginalized ninth-graders think critically about inequality, political power

How youth of color and poor and working-class youth think about social inequality plays a vital role in their taking action through protests and voting against a political system that does not seem responsive to their interests, a new study indicates. This University of Michigan research captures how marginalized young people—poor and working-class African-American and… Read More »

Making nutrition and fitness a snap for underserved young athletes

Spartan Performance and MSU Extension are looking to help underserved young athletes and schools throughout Michigan. Joey Eisenmann, an assistant professor in exercise physiology and director of Spartan Performance, is working with MSU Extension to train its staff members on new guidelines that will allow them to deliver basic health information, such as healthy eating… Read More »

Failed mission: How schools worsen inequality

Schooling plays a surprisingly large role in shortchanging the nation’s poorest students of critical math skills, according to a massive new study led by a Michigan State University education scholar. Unequal access to rigorous mathematics content is widening the gap in performance on a prominent international math literacy test between low- and high-income students, not… Read More »