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Friday Forum on Neoliberalism & Public Higher Education

“Shared Governance in the Academy: How can faculty get (back) in the game?” The corporatization of higher education has transformed the shared governance structures in the academy, with governance processes increasingly consolidated within growing administrative positions. Concomitantly, the values of the academy are changing, with the roles and scope of faculty in governance increasingly limited… Read More »

CHAE Speaker Series: A Conceptual Model of College Going & Choice

Speaker: Assistant Professor Gabriel R. Serna Title: A Conceptual Model of College Going and Choice: An Identity Economics Approach Description: Taking guidance from the expansive literature on college choice and going, I have proposed a new conceptual model. Relying on four, well-known, conceptual, theoretical, and analytic approaches: economic, sociological, information processing, and combined theories of college… Read More »

#FeesMustFall & Advancement of Social Justice

Featuring Professor Adam Habib, vice chancellor of the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa Professor Habib has over 30 years of academic, research and administration expertise, spanning five universities and multiple local and international institutions, boards and task teams. He has been working with government, students and other stakeholders to find solutions to the recent wave… Read More »

Some College, Some Benefits? Post-secondary Attainment & Outcomes in the Early Career

The Department of Sociology presents Dr. Sarah Burgard from the University of Michigan presenting on “Some College, Some Benefits? Post-secondary Attainment & Outcomes in the Early Career.” The post-secondary education landscape is changing in the “college for all” environment of the contemporary United States, with many more institutional and degree options available and a broader… Read More »

OISE Brown Bag: Brendan Cantwell

Abstract: Participation in higher education has swelled in every high and middle-income country in the world, and there is a now a global tendency towards “high participation systems of higher education.” Since 2013, Brendan Cantwell has worked with Simon Marginson from the Institute of Education in London and Anna Smolentseva from the Higher School of Economics… Read More »

The First Amendment & Public Universities

Join us for the latest edition of the Center for Higher and Adult Education speaker series! “The First Amendment and Public Universities: Understanding the Law, Policy and Higher Education.” The First Amendment has a long and important history within U.S. public universities. Protecting five basic freedoms (including freedom of speech), it ties directly to issues… Read More »

Knowledge for Sale: The Neoliberal Takeover of Higher Education

A new philosophy of higher education has taken hold in institutions around the world. Its supporters disavow the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and argue that the only knowledge worth pursuing is that with more or less immediate market value. Every other kind of learning is downgraded, its budget cut. In “Knowledge for… Read More »

Trust Networks: A New Perspective on Pedigree & the Ambiguities of Admissions

Attending a selective college or university is one of the three strongest predictors of admission to graduate programs; however, access to these institutions is stratified by race, socioeconomic status, and gender. Broadening participation in graduate education and the professoriate requires a critical look at default judgments of college quality, which starts with understanding how judgments… Read More »

Spring 2017 Raines Colloquium

“Autism in College: Creating a Spectrum of Opportunity,” featuring Edlyn Peña As the numbers of students diagnosed with autism have increased to one in 68 students, institutions of higher education are currently experiencing an upward trend in enrollment of college students with autism. As students with autism transition into postsecondary education along with their neurotypical… Read More »