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Critically Imagining the Future of Education

The forum brings together Miho Taguma, who is leading work of OECD’s Education and Skills 2030 project; our MSU colleagues Bill Schmidt and Raphaela Schlicht-Schmalzle, each contributing to developing the new OECD framework; Corey Drake and Riyad Shahjahan, reflecting on the challenges and implications of imagining education in the future for teacher education and for… Read More »

Radical Love Teach-In

This event will engage P-20 educators and community members in teaching demonstrations that explore social justice issues such as ableism, immigration, racism, classism, and homophobia. The demonstrations will span teaching and learning contexts, including K-12, higher education, and community-based settings. We will explore possibilities for enacting radical love through teaching and learning in the context… Read More »

Navigating the Higher Education Job Search

Tips from hiring managers on what they look for in prospective applicants. Brought to you by Rueda Latin and EAD Professional Development Group.   Snacks and refreshments provided!

CHAE Speaker Series: Navigating Logics for Inclusive Student Affairs

Navigating Logics for Inclusive Student Affairs The logics of an organization—its values, rules, norms, and beliefs—influence the meaning individuals assign to their daily activities. In student affairs, these activities may reflect a range of logics that uphold or compete with those of the institution. With social justice and inclusion as core competencies and values for… Read More »

CHAE Speaker Series: Trustees in Higher Education, Dr. Roger Baldwin

CHAE Speaker Series: Trustees in Higher Education, Dr. Roger Baldwin

Trustees in Higher Education: What Do They Do and Why Should We Care? Trustees fill a vital role in the operations of colleges and universities even though their work is often nearly invisible to students, faculty, and the general public. Legally, trustees are the final authority of the institutions they serve. Controversial events in recent… Read More »

HALE Brown Bag Series: Getting Below the Surface – Race, Ethnicity, & Identity in Youth, Dr. Deborah Rivas – Drake

Abstract: Ethnic-racial identity (ERI) is an important developmental concern with implications for psychological and academic adjustment. In this talk, I consider the role of the socio-emotional context of school-ing–which includes the nature and quality of relationships with adults and peers–in the development of ERI. As an initial step toward under-standing this issue, we examined the… Read More »

Info Session: HALE South Africa Trip

The purpose of the HALE Field Experience in South Africa is to enable HALE students to link knowledge and skills they are gaining as scholars and practitioners in higher education to actual issues and challenges in the international context. It is designed to be a professional experience for the students, involving collaborative projects with colleagues in… Read More »

Education Policy Speaker Series: Dr. Thurston Domina

Dr. Thurston Domina, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, presents “Beyond Tracking and Detracking: The Dimensions of Organizational Differentiation in Schools.” As a sociologist by training, Thurston Domina works in partnership with educational practitioners to better understand the relationship between education and social inequality in the contemporary U.S. His work focuses in two areas: First,… Read More »

Friday Forum on Neoliberalism & Public Higher Education

“Shared Governance in the Academy: How can faculty get (back) in the game?” The corporatization of higher education has transformed the shared governance structures in the academy, with governance processes increasingly consolidated within growing administrative positions. Concomitantly, the values of the academy are changing, with the roles and scope of faculty in governance increasingly limited… Read More »

CHAE Speaker Series: A Conceptual Model of College Going & Choice

Speaker: Assistant Professor Gabriel R. Serna Title: A Conceptual Model of College Going and Choice: An Identity Economics Approach Description: Taking guidance from the expansive literature on college choice and going, I have proposed a new conceptual model. Relying on four, well-known, conceptual, theoretical, and analytic approaches: economic, sociological, information processing, and combined theories of college… Read More »