literacy colloquy

Literacy Colloquy: Dr. Lucía Cárdenas Curiel — Collaborative Translanguaging and Transmodal Literacy Practices

Rescheduled for Wednesday, February 20. Research has shown the benefits of peer interaction to scaffold learning in relation to disciplinary literacies. I extend the knowledge of these studies and examine peer interaction and the affordances it creates when emergent bilinguals (EBs) engage with multimodal texts in content areas to make meaning of these highly skilled… Read More »

Literacy Colloquy:Emery Petchauer–“The Test Was Like: I Owe You!”: Coping with the Emotional Stress of Teacher Licensure Exams [cancelled due to weather, reschedule pending]

This presentation is about the stories people tell themselves in order to cope with the stress of high-stakes test. The people in this case are preservice teachers. The test, teacher licensure exams.  Drawing from material in my recently published book, Navigating Teacher Licensure Exams: Success and Self-Discovery on the High-Stakes Path to the Classroom (Routledge, 2019), I’ll… Read More »

Literacy Colloquy: Dr. Douglas Hartman — Comprehending the Unbound Book

For nearly two thousand years readers have been comprehending prose in the form of hand-held, bound books. What are the opportunity costs of comprehending prose in this form? Prior to the binding of prose in book form, readers comprehended writing that was drawn in rolling sand, painted on giant slabs, chiseled in large stones, inked… Read More »

Literacy Colloquy: Negotiating the Job Search

New and seasoned academics alike often find themselves puzzled about the “game” of the job search, and wondering such questions as … What is the typical procedure for search committees in terms of interviewing and hiring faculty? How should I go about selecting appropriate positions to apply to? How should I prepare for job talks?… Read More »

Literacy Colloquy: We Are More Than Enough: Toward a Black Girls Literacies Framework to Save Education for All

From Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s community work with Black Girls W.R.I.T.E (Writing to Represent our Identities, our Times and our Excellence), historical and archival research on Black literary societies and from conducting a literature review over the past 25 years of Black girl’s literacies, she found the Black girls literacies are consumed in defining self, intellectualism,… Read More »

Literacy Colloquy Speaker Series

Please join us for a talk given by Dr. Paula Winke & Xiaowan Zhang titled: ‘Third-grade Reading Assessment and Retention Theories and Policies in Michigan and in the USA’   Link to video of the presentation:

Literacy Colloquy: ESL Teacher Preparation

Please join us for a Literacy Colloquy Speaker Series talk given by Dr. Susan V. Piazza, Dr. Cody Williams, and the ELATE Team titled: “Valid and Reliable Data: Classroom Observation in ESL Teacher Preparation” ABSTRACT Researchers from Western Michigan University will share classroom observation methods and experiences from an ongoing five-year research project titled English… Read More »

Literacy Colloquy Speaker Series

Please Join Us! Dr. David E. Harris & Dr. Anne-Lise Halvorsen will do a talk titled: “Deliberating Democratic Values in American History” This presentation will introduce a book they co-wrote as a resource for teaching democratic values. To preview the book see the article “History Book Asks High Schoolers: Right or Wrong?“

Literacy Colloquy Speaker Series: Sheila Valencia

Please join us for a Department of Teacher Education, Literacy Colloquy Speaker Series Zoom presentation given by: Dr. Sheila W. Valencia titled: “Shifting Understandings of Complexity” Abstract: Since Common Core came into view, the issue of text complexity has taken center stage. But this issue of complexity has been the subject of much debate and… Read More »