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Connected Mathematics Projects Workshops

June 17 - June 21

Join Connected Mathematics Projects teachers, staff and authors for a rich professional learning experience.

Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Workshop

Leading, Coaching and Mentoring Workshop header

Sustain and enhance the implementation of CMP. Leaders, coaches, mentoring teachers and any others who support CMP teachers are encouraged to attend. The workshop will focus on developing approaches and refining plans to deepen teachers’ mathematical content and pedagogical knowledge for teaching beyond initial unit training.

Discussions will focus on considering and sharing strategic leadership strategies; creating a vision of a mathematically powerful classroom; formulating strategies to support teachers; utilizing coaching and communication ideas; learning about resources; gaining insights from experts.

Differentiating Mathematics Classrooms

Differentiating in Mathematics Classrooms header

This workshop is designed around sharing ideas and experiences to help us learn from each others. The workshop leaders will guide you through what it’s like to teach, experience and learn in a CMP classroom. We encourage those who work with special populations to attend in teams.

Discussions will focus on how you can use the curriculum materials to: attend to individual learning, create strategies, employ multiple entry points, embed mathematical practices, enhance differentiation and implement best practices.

A Focus on Grade 6-8 with CMP

These grade-specific workshops were designed around sharing ideas and experiences to help learn from each other. The workshop leaders will guide you through what it’s like to teach, experience and learn in a CMP Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8 classroom.

Each workshop will cover: an in-depth look at CMP for that particular grade; examining the development of mathematics with a focus on how understanding develops and connects across units; implementing a pedagogical approach; establishing implementation, management and grading strategies; discussing how CMP practices enhance student learning and learning about special features.

  • Grade 6 highlights: Factors and Multiples; Ratios, Rational Numbers and Equivalence; Understanding Fraction Operations; Two-Dimensional Measurement; Focus on Algebra
  • Grade 7 highlights: Two-Dimensional Geometry; Understanding Similarity; Ratios, Rates, Percents and Proportions; Linear Relationships; Integers and Rational Numbers
  • Grade 8 highlights: Linear and Inverse Variation; The Pythagorean Theorem; Exponential Functions; Quadratic Functions; Making Sense of Symbols; Symmetry and Transformations


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