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Educational Psychology and Educational Technology: Spring 2019 Brown Bag Series with Dr. Fani Lauermann

April 18 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Please join us for a presentation by:

Dr. Fani Lauermann from University of Dortmund

Career Aspirations and Choices within Eccles et al. Expectancy-Value Theory

Which occupation to pursue is one of the most consequential decisions people make and represents a key developmental task. with long-term implications for job satisfaction, job performance, and psychological well-being. Accordingly, it is important to understand the underlying developmental processes associated with either individual or group differences in occupational choices. Programmatic research grounded in Eccles’ et all. expectancy-value theory (EVT) was designed to contribute towards a better understanding of such choices. I will present ┬áset of studies in which we use EVT to longitudinally investigate the relations between adolescents’ math and language arts-related expectancy/value beliefs and career aspirations (reported at the end of high school), as well as pathways towards adult career attainment (reported about 15 years after high school). Furthermore, I will focus on potential gender differences in academic self-perceptions and career trajectories, in particular in math-intensive fields. Drawing on both EVT and the Dimensional Comparison Theory (DCT), we will examine potential negative cross-domain influences in the prediction of individual career trajectories. For instance, prior evidence suggests that individuals with high math and high verbal abilities are less likely to attain math-intensive careers than individuals with high math, but only moderate verbal abilities; and actual and perceived research expands upon this evidence by examining analogous longitudinal cross-domain effects for both math and language arts-related career outcomes


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