I understand that a passing score on a subtest of the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) is 220. If my score is close to 220, will MSU consider using it?

September 16, 2016

Yes, but only in some circumstances. For applicants who have passing scores on two subtests using the PRE and/or ACT (i.e., those who have passed two PRE subtests, have two acceptable ACT scores, or have passed one PRE subtest and have an acceptable ACT score for a second subtest), a scaled score within -1 Standard Error of Measurement (-1 SEM) of the PRE passing scaled score (220) may be used for the third subtest. Basic Skills subtests may not be combined with PRE subtests or ACT scores for this purpose. Scores within -1 SEM of 220 may change with each PRE administration. Minimally acceptable scores (those within -1 SEM of 220) are posted within a week of each PRE administration on the MTTC website. See Application and Admissions for more information.