I understand that I can use my ACT scores in lieu of the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE). Is that correct?

September 16, 2016

For ACT tests taken prior to September 2015, the minimum ACT scores acceptable as substitutes for PRE subtests are:

22 for Reading

22 for Mathematics

24 for English+Writing

The ACT no longer offers an English + Writing subtest. Effective September 1, 2015, the ACT English + Writing subtest was replaced by a new ACT Writing subtest. A score of 24 or higher on an ACT English + Writing subtest taken prior to September 2015 is still acceptable. A score from the new ACT Writing subtest (taken September 2015 or later) can be combined with your best ACT English score (taken February 2005 to present) using an ACT Writing/English Combined Score table and several simple steps:

  1. Convert the new ACT Writing subscore to a “concordant value” using the two horizontal rows at the top of the table. Find your new ACT Writing subscore (taken September 2015 or later) in the top (green) row and convert it to the concordant value in the (gold) row below it.
  2. Once the new ACT Writing score has been converted to the concordant value in the second (gold) row, use the table to combine your best ACT English score (taken after February 2005) in the vertical column on the left with the converted Writing score (in the gold horizontal row). If your combined score lies in the area highlighted in green, your score is 24 or greater and acceptable for admission. If your combined score lies in the area highlighted in red, it is less than 24 and does not qualify you for admission to the teacher preparation program. You may retake the ACT and we will use the best score in each subarea (Reading, Mathematics and English + Writing) across all tests dates.