Must I pass the MTTC for my secondary teaching minor or the MTTC for my elementary teaching major or minors in order to intern?

September 16, 2016

Students seeking elementary certification, including those in special education and early childhood education, must pass the Elementary Education MTTC (Test #103) as a condition for progression to the internship. Passing the subject tests (teaching major and/or teaching minor) is not required for program completion and progression to the internship; however, it is required if the student is to be recommended for certification in those areas.

For those seeking secondary certification (including the K-12 majors of Art Education and Music Education), students must take and pass the MTTC corresponding to their major as a condition for progressing to the internship.  For secondary education students, passing the MTTC corresponding to the minor is a requirement for becoming certified to teach the minor and a requirement for placement in the minor subject area during the internship.