If I am in a cohort program, what do I need to do to be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program?

September 16, 2016

Students who have been admitted to UECP and GECP are guaranteed admission to the teacher preparation program if they meet all admission requirements (for example, a minimum GPA of 2.50, required scores on the ACT (or an approved alternative such as the MTTC PRE). However, they are not required to complete the entire application. Instead, they are required to complete only the Personal Information and Application pages. They are not required to write an essay or answer questions about experience and diversity. UECP and GECP students applying for the special education major, the elementary Mathematics teaching major, and/or to accelerate their programs are still required to submit those additional materials (see Applications and Admissions). Applicants who have convictions and/or have admitted responsibility for a civil infraction must submit a hard copy Conviction Disclosure Form along with a Register of Actions from the court in which they were convicted or admitted responsibility.