How can I gain experience as a Kinesiology major?

November 1, 2018
  • Job shadowing and networking can help you find the best fit for your interests.  Reaching out to professionals in your field of interest can give you an inside look at careers and opportunities.  Keep a log or journal of your experiences.
  • Getting involved with research at MSU allows students to cultivate relationships with faculty who can give you insight, advice, problem-solving experience and leadership opportunities.  Faculty mentors may become references and can provide letters of recommendation in the future.  Check out opportunities at
  • Explore and join campus organizations that support your goals and give you an opportunity to meet other students with similar interests!  Student Life posts hundreds of registered student organizations with opportunities for involvement. See for a complete list of clubs and organizations at MSU.  Information on getting involved in Kinesiology-specific groups, is posted on the KIN website.
  • Professional graduate school admission requirements often include clinical or volunteer experience in health care, as well as community service activity.  Admission officers look for students who demonstrate care and concern for others, leadership, diversity of interests, motivation and commitment.
  • Volunteer experiences can demonstrate your maturity and commitment to service, and help further explore career opportunities in the field. Examples might include Special Olympics, hospice and care facilities, alternative spring break trips, the American Red Cross, tutoring, etc.
  • Taking advantage of study abroad experiences at MSU can help you grow as an individual, explore Kinesiology in other cultures and gain new perspective as a global citizen.  See the Education Abroad website to search for programs of interest.