Can I major in Athletic Training at MSU?

The Michigan State University Athletic Training program has transitioned from a bachelor’s to a master’s level program. Incoming students cannot choose Athletic Training as a major preference, but are encouraged to complete a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in preparation for an Athletic Training graduate program.

What can I do with a degree in Kinesiology?

There is a broad range of careers available to Kinesiology graduates.  Students may choose to explore options relating to: Health, wellness and fitness Athletic Training Athlete development, strength and conditioning Clinical patient care Research Athletic administration, sport management, marketing and promotion Adaptive Physical Activity Some career pathways will require post-graduate course work and/or certification.  Students are… Read More »

What are the Honors options and guidelines for Kinesiology students?

Honors College students and Academic Scholars may add an Honors Option to eligible courses at MSU.  Students should complete a form with the instructor that specifies the work to be completed.  Instructors must be contacted at the beginning of the semester for approval. See the Honors College website for information, procedures and  guidelines.  You can… Read More »