Is direct transfer admission an option for the Athletic Training major?

No.  Transfer students interested in majoring in Athletic Training should declare Kinesiology as their major when they apply for admission to MSU.  In addition to passing the five core prerequisite courses required for admission to Kinesiology (with grades of 2.0 or better), students must complete the preparatory courses required for admission to the Athletic Training… Read More »

How do I find out more about the Kinesiology and Athletic Training majors?

To explore Kinesiology and Athletic Training, visit the Department website at and select your major when you click on the “Programs” tab. Contact a department advisor for information on our majors, minors and degree requirements.  Contact information is posted on the website at

I ran track in high school, and I want to work with the MSU track team once I have been admitted to the Athletic Training program. Can I request assignment to the MSU track team?

The accrediting body for Athletic Training (CAATE) requires that a student be assigned to an equipment intensive sport, a lower body sport, an upper body sport, a male and female sport and a general medical rotation.  Students must complete 10 hours per semester in a doctor’s office or emergency room.  Students follow a matrix which… Read More »

How many students are admitted to the Athletic Training program each year?

Admission to the Athletic Training major is competitive and selective, with a limited number of students admitted to the professional program each spring.  An average of 25 new students are admitted each academic year.  Students meeting admission criteria are eligible to apply to the program starting in the spring of the sophomore year.  See the Athletic Training… Read More »

What is Athletic Training?

Athletic Training is a major within the College of Education’s Kinesiology Department and is designed for students who wish to provide sports medicine services to athletes in athletic and clinical settings.  Students in Athletic Training participate in experiences requiring immediate decision making, physician consultation, injury prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation, as well as communication with intercollegiate and high… Read More »

What are the Honors options and guidelines for Kinesiology students?

Students who wish to participate in Honors options must complete a form with the instructor that specifies the work that will be completed.  Instructors must be contacted prior to the beginning of the semester for approval. See the Honors College website for descriptions, procedures and guidelines. KIN courses approved for Honors Options are listed… Read More »

How do I make an appointment to see a Kinesiology (KIN) Advisor?

To make appointments with Amy Tratt, Becky Olsen, Jennifer Watson or Mike Haslett, visit KIN advisors expect students to make an advising appointment before or soon after declaring the Kinesiology major.  A major change is a big decision and not one to be taken without discussion and advising assistance. If KIN advisor schedules are… Read More »

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, derived from the Greek words kinesis (movement) and kinein (to move), is the science of human movement. Kinesiology as a discipline focuses on physical activity and applies scientifically based principles to the analysis, preservation and enhancement of human movement in all settings and populations. The Kinesiology Department is home to two outstanding Bachelor of… Read More »