Certification Edition

What is a “new level” endorsement?

An additional endorsement is considered a new level endorsement when a secondary-level endorsement is added to an elementary certificate.  Please see Adding a New Level Endorsement to an Existing Certificate for more information.

I was initially certified in another state. Have I met Michigan’s reading requirements?

If your initial teacher preparation and certification occurred in another state, you will need to apply directly to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) for a Michigan teaching certificate.  The MDE will evaluate your transcript(s) to determine if you have already satisfied Michigan’s original reading requirement with appropriate coursework in reading instruction (this would usually… Read More »

If I am planning to teach in another state, should I bother to become certified in Michigan?

Yes!  Many states require that you be certified in your “home” state (i.e., the state in which you completed your teacher preparation program) before applying for a certificate/license in their state.  Your Michigan teaching certificate also serves as a permanent record documenting your completion of a state-approved teacher preparation program.  Many states have reciprocity agreements… Read More »

What are the requirements for the Social Studies (RX) endorsement?

You must see a teacher certification advisor in 134 Erickson to develop a plan for adding the RX endorsement.  MSU students should schedule an appointment online.  Teachers and others who are not MSU students should schedule an appointment by calling 517-353-9680 (this can be a telephone appointment).  Requirements include: A total of 36-43 semester credits… Read More »

Why add the Social Studies (RX) endorsement?

Consistent with “No Child Left Behind” legislation, a teaching major or minor in one of the Social Studies sub-areas (History, Economics, Political Science and Geography) does not qualify a teacher to teach Social Studies. For example, a teacher who is certified to teach History is not highly qualified to teach Social Studies or any of… Read More »

Who can add an additional Social Studies endorsement to his or her teaching certificate?

The “RX” Social Studies endorsement can be added to an existing elementary or secondary teaching certificate.  It can also be added to an initial secondary Provisional Certificate as an extra teaching major if a student has a teaching major or minor in History.  Social studies is a teaching major option for elementary education certification.

Would I be able to teach with a master’s degree in Special Education?

At MSU, the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Special Education does not lead to initial teacher certification.  However, certified teachers can earn an additional endorsement in Learning Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders through the master’s degree program.  Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue initial certification as an elementary and… Read More »