Global Educators Cohort Program Edition

Will I have a chance to study or teach in another country?

Absolutely! One of the most interesting and exciting components of GECP is the wide range of opportunities students have for travel and teaching abroad. Additionally, GECP students engage in specialized field placements identified to provide a culturally rich learning experience. All GECP students are required to have at least one Global Experience, which can include… Read More »

What would my schedule look like next year if I were accepted into the program?

The GECP program has special features each year of your undergraduate program. In the first year, GECP participants enroll in special sections of courses that are already required in the teacher preparation program. Other semesters, GECP students are required to enroll for an extra 1-3 credit seminar or course. GECP students will also participate in special extra-curricular… Read More »

Who is my academic advisor if I am in UECP/GECP?

The academic advisor for GECP is Kristy Dumont.  She can be reached at, 353-9684, 134 Erickson Hall.  The academic advisor for UECP is Michael Zaborowski.  He can be reached at, 355-1827, 134 Erickson Hall.

When should I take the ACT?

If you have already taken the ACT and your scores meet or exceed those levels, you have met MDE’s “basic skills” requirement. If you have already taken the ACT and your scores do not meet or exceed those levels, you may take the test again and have official scores sent to MSU. If you have… Read More »

Are there any scholarships available for UECP/GECP students?

The College of Education awards scholarship funds to an incoming freshman who has been admitted to Michigan State University and intends to pursue teacher certification in elementary, secondary or special education through participation in UECP or GECP.  To be considered for this scholarship, students must be able to document financial need. Preference is given to… Read More »