Special Education Edition

Will any of my 800 Level courses apply to a Masters Program?

If you apply to MSU Special Education program and are accepted, all 12 credits from your internship program may count if you have passed these courses with a 3.0 or better. You then have 5 years from your earliest course to complete your masters requirements. Some, but not all of your 800 level internship courses… Read More »

Can I be placed at the middle school or high school level?

Elementary Education majors cannot intern at the middle school level.  Secondary Education and Special Education candidates have the opportunity if there are mentor teachers available. The intern must pass their teaching subject MTTC in order to be placed at the middle school level. If an intern wants a placement for high school, this would be… Read More »

Are there inclusion classrooms available?

Occasionally there will be an inclusion classroom which meets the necessary requirements which enable an intern to be placed in this classroom. In most cases, a full inclusion classroom will enable the intern to be in the same classroom all year.

I am applying for admission to the Special Education program. Do I use the same application to apply to the teacher preparation program?

The application process is the same (see Applications and Admissions), except that you will also need to document 42 hours of experience working with children and/or youth who have special needs.  You will find additional information on the Special Education website. Experience documentation forms must be submitted electronically before the end of the first week of… Read More »

Would I be able to teach with a master’s degree in Special Education?

At MSU, the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Special Education does not lead to initial teacher certification.  However, certified teachers can earn an additional endorsement in Learning Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders through the master’s degree program.  Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue initial certification as an elementary and… Read More »

If I wanted to teach in a special education classroom, would I need special certification?

Yes.  At MSU, special education is a teaching major that can be added to the elementary certification program.  In addition to completing our elementary certification program, requirements for certification as a special education teacher include completing requirements for the teaching major and degree in Special Education-Learning Disabilities and passing the appropriate MTTC subject tests. An… Read More »