Starting School Before Labor Day: A Response to Economic Concerns

By Nancy Duchesneau   Since 2006, Michigan has required public schools to start the fall semester after Labor Day so that the school year would not interfere with the tourism industry in the state. This requirement may be rolled back for the coming school year if Senate Bill 0271 passes, giving districts the flexibility to… Read More »

Transgender Rights vs “Restroom Safety” in Education

Transgender Rights vs “Restroom Safety” in Education

By Nancy Duchesneau   The Trump administration has reversed transgender protections that allowed individuals in public schools to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity rather than their biological sex. It seems there are several misunderstandings surrounding the issue of transgender experiences. This post will attempt to mediate the disagreement with available evidence.  … Read More »

Michigan To Pilot Alternative Education Accountability System

By Alex Schwarz and Nancy Duchesneau Alexander Schwarz is an Accountability Specialist within the Michigan Department of Education. Alex joined MDE in 2011 and is responsible for a variety of research, data, and policy-oriented initiatives. He previously worked as a Planner in the Strategic Planning Unit of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation… Read More »

Are Critics Overreacting About Betsy DeVos?

By Nancy Duchesneau   Betsy DeVos’s confirmation hearing last week has received an abnormal amount of attention when compared to previous confirmation hearings for Education Secretaries. A number of articles have criticized her for being out of touch with the reality of public schools and for lacking a firm grasp of the nuances of education… Read More »

Social-Emotional Learning: States Consider New Accountability Indicator

By Nancy Duchesneau In December 2015, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was reauthorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), bringing changes to accountability requirements for state systems. While many of the accountability provisions were consistent with the flexibility permitted via ESEA waivers, one noteworthy addition was the explicit requirement to include a… Read More »

How Do Charter and Traditional School Board Members Define Accountability?

How Do Charter and Traditional School Board Members Define Accountability?

This week’s post is written by Dr. Michael R. Ford. Dr. Ford is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.  His research interests include public and nonprofit school board governance, accountability, and education reform.    Back in February I penned a blog post here discussing some recent research I completed… Read More »

What Will A Donald Trump Presidency Mean for Public Education in the U.S.?

By Nancy Duchesneau Education has not been at the forefront of the general election this year, but it would be remiss to assume the new President-elect won’t have an impact on the 50 million students currently in prekindergarten through 12th grade. Despite a glaring lack of policy details provided throughout the campaign, Donald Trump has… Read More »

Lessons from New Hampshire’s PACE

By Nancy Duchesneau As a previous post discussed, the Innovative Assessment and Accountability Demonstration Authority was inspired by New Hampshire’s Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) pilot. As states consider applying for the authority to develop their own assessment pilots, attention has turned to PACE and what lessons can be gleaned from New Hampshire’s experience.… Read More »

Louisiana Senate Bill 432 Means Big Changes for New Orleans’ Schools

Louisiana Senate Bill 432 Means Big Changes for New Orleans’ Schools

By Amy Auletto New Orleans has been in the spotlight for a number of years due its decentralized portfolio school district model. The Recovery School District (RSD), a statewide school district created in 2003, was designed to intervene in low-performing schools in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005, a large number… Read More »