Teachers and Teacher Quality

Editor, Amy Auletto

  • The Teachers and Teacher Quality Blog explores current news, policy debates, and research on issues facing teachers in Michigan and beyond.  This blog highlights a variety of perspectives as it explores topics of teacher quality, evaluation, educator preparation, teacher labor markets, and more.

Issues in PreK-16

Editor, Jessica Landgraf

  • The Issues in PreK16 Blog focuses on both ends of the educational trajectory.  It covers current topics, debates, news, and research concerning early childhood education and higher education policy both locally in Michigan and in the nation at large.  This blog will provide information, opinions, and support that will assist readers in forming their own conclusions while gaining an understanding of the complicated context within which each of these two issues reside.

Governance and Finance

Editors, Dirk Zuschlag & Nancy Duchesneau

  • The Governance and Finance Blog addresses the politics and policies around the institutions and processes that fund and provide education. Posts will examine the perspectives and activities of private and public stakeholders in the context of the ever-changing, news-making roles each plays in shaping the American educational landscape. Relevant topics include funding equity and adequacy, local control and state intervention, school choice, alternative schooling efforts, and federal spending and regulations.

Accountability and Assessment

Editor, David Casalaspi

  • The Accountability and Assessment Blog examines issues surrounding the measurement of student learning and the efforts to ensure accountability for student outcomes.  This blog will consider the many dimensions and consequences of assessment and accountability policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Common Core and Curriculum Standards

  • The Common Core and Curriculum Standards Blog discusses and analyzes current debates, topics, and research related to curriculum policy in general and the Common Core State Standards in particular. In districts and states across the country, significant changes are being made to the curricula that guide the educational experiences students have and initiatives such as the Common Core will be an important part of these changes over the next few years. This blog is dedicated to considering the perspectives of multiple stakeholders and keeping readers up-to-date on curriculum issues and analysis in Michigan and across the U.S as these changes unfold.

Urban Education

  • The Urban Education Blog will focus on the political and social factors that impact urban schools in Michigan and beyond. Particular to large, urban districts are issues surrounding race and equity, large-scale reform efforts, school closings, and school choice.