Faculty Development and Diversity Books

April 6, 2016


We have some free books to share with you! Kerry Ann Rockequmore, an MSU COE alum and founder of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, offered her professional library up for the taking and we have managed to bring it to you! The books are primarily focused on diversity, writing, and educational leadership. 

The books are located in Room 313 and outside of Linda Brandau’s office, Room 347 on the little wooden bookcase. While we know it is tempting to take many books, especially when they are free, we ask that you use the honor system and only take 1-2 books each so that as many students as possible have an opportunity to benefit from the donation. You will also see some giant Post-it paper and markers at each location where you can write a quick thank you to Kerry Ann for her donation. 

Thanks, too, to Dr. Vaughn Watson(TE faculty) and Matthew Deroo (CITE doctoral student) for picking up the books in Detroit, and to Terry Edwards and our great TE student assistants for their help in arranging the distribution.

Happy reading!