Publication Opportunity: ACPA’s Commission for Student Involvement

February 8, 2018
Hello from ACPA’s Commission for Student Involvement!
We are reaching out to you because we have an exciting opportunity within ACPA and we would love your help spreading the word to current master’s and doctoral students.  ACPA’s Commission for Student Involvement is re-launching our Interchange publication. The Interchange provides a low-risk, accessible publication opportunity.
What is the Interchange?
The Interchange is a weekly blog for the Commission for Student Involvement
(CSI). It is meant to be practitioner focused, offering new, innovative ways to approach the
work of student involvement and the four functional areas CSI oversees; Leadership,
Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Organizations and Activities, and Community
Service/Service Learning. In short, the Interchange presents content that informs practice. The Interchange is a great low-risk publication opportunity for graduate students and Student Affairs practitioners.
Suggested Interchange posts may include:
Articles/Research in Brief
These posts are focused on discussing new and innovative concepts in research and practice.
Posts may cover article on research and/or practice that relate to student involvement and/or one of the four functional areas of the CSI. The Literature Review coordinator will prioritize writing content for this area.
Promising Practice
These posts are focused on a promising practice in one of the four functional areas. Posts may look in-depth at a program or institutions in order to highlight new practices.
Functional Area 101
These posts provide an overview of one the four functional area of the CSI (Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership Education, Community and Service Learning, and Student Organizations and Activities). Posts should cover jargon, what practitioners should know about the functional areas of CSI, and current best practices. This is a great opportunity to bridge knowledge of functional areas for graduate students and professionals looking to change up their functional area designation.
Spotlight on a Researcher
These posts are focused on highlighting the work of an emerging scholar in a given functional area or in student involvement research. Example questions include: Who are they? What brings them to their research? What is their recent research? How does it impact the work of our members? Why should members be interested?


Perspective Piece
These posts are all about an emerging issue or current event in one the functional areas of
CSI (Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership Education, Community and Service Learning, and Student Organizations and Activities). For example, how can we address hazing in student organizations? What do we consider hazing? What about trans students attempting to join fraternities and sororities? How should campuses work with those students to integrate them? Ideally, this is a two-sided piece; representing one side of the issue and then addressing an additional side of the issue.
2018 Publication Dates
Posts will be collected monthly on the last Monday of the preceding month, with posts going live every Wednesday.


Suggested Due Date
Publication Dates
February 26, 2018
Wednesdays in Mar.
March 26, 2018
Wednesdays in Apr.
April 23, 2018
Wednesdays in May


All submission to the Interchange need to be publication ready, in APA style. We suggest that authors submit pieces that are between 500 and 1000 words. Please submit
articles to Rebecca Kates at
For any questions regarding the Interchange please contact the Interchange
Editor/Coordinator or the Vice Chair for Research for CSI.
Interchange Editor/Coordinator                         Vice Chair for Research & Assessment
Rebecca Kates Lauren Irwin