Event: Educational Psychology & Educational Technology Spring 2019 Brown Bag Series

February 4, 2019

Unpacking the Concept of School Belonging with Educators in Predominantly Black and Latinx Schools: Practical Considerations for Educational Psychologists

Monday, February 11, 12:00 – 1:00pm, 252 Erickson

Abstract: In this presentation, we propose that existing literature on school belonging serves as a critical lever that educational psychologists can use to (1) contribute to a race-reimaged view of educational psychology, (2) engage in public discourse on role of psychological processes in curriculum and instruction, and (3) make psychology a brand that education stakeholders can trust. Guided by findings from an ongoing research-practice partnership in two urban middle schools that are predominantly Black and Latinx, we outline actionable steps for leading the next frontier of research at the intersection of culture, belonging, and motivation. This work places a special emphasis on opportunities to support ongoing efforts in the areas of curriculum reform and teacher professional development. This line of inquiry also has implications for the way educational psychologists collaborate with teacher educators to design interventions aimed making schools places where all students want to be and want to learn.

Bio:Dr. DeLeon Gray is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology in the College of Education at North Carolina State University.  His research program examines how adolescents and emerging adults perceive and interpret their social encounters in achievement contexts, and whether these mental representations account for their achievement beliefs and behaviors.  He received his PhD in Educational Psychology from The Ohio State University.