RISE’s Andrew Mac Intosh Joins Our Team of Presenters for the 2017 Summer Coaches’ School

March 13, 2017

Dr. Andrew Mac Intosh joins us for this year’s Summer Coaches’ School!

We are happy to announce Dr. Andrew Mac Intosh (@MacIntosh_Drew)  as a presenter for this year’s Summer Coaches’ School. Andrew serves as National Director of Leadership and Education Programs for the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE).

“Our organization is focused on improving race relations through the power/context of sports and has implemented educational programming across the country, including 7 high schools and 2 universities within Michigan.”

Andrew has worked both within the United States as well as internationally helping various organizations to design and implement sport-based initiatives that build life skills and character. He is a major advocate for positive youth development through sports and this has been demonstrated by his array of work in the field.

“Sports are a context in which most youth spend a great deal of their developmental years. Their relationships with coaches form a significant part of their life experiences. Maximizing such experiences is therefore a key ingredient in their success.”

His unique perspective coming from RISE (@RISEtoWIN) will help enlighten every person who gets to hear him speak. We are so excited to have him as a presenter for this year’s conference. At this year’s Summer Coaches’ School he will focus on the topic of diversity and inclusion, specifically “Finding Strength in our Differences.”

Addressing this topic is similar to Andrew’s role at RISE where he oversees the design, delivery and evaluation of curriculum and educational activities for varying audiences and contexts. As one of our keynote speakers, Andrew will help audience members see the importance of embracing our differences as our strengths, especially on our own teams.

“Perhaps more importantly than ever in the nation’s history, we have to be open, intentional and purposeful in having discussions about race and diversity. Conversations about what make us unique, as well as what makes us similar.”

The 2017 Summer Coaches’ School takes place June 19-20 at the Brody Center at MSU.  The cost is $125 for both days (or $75 for a single day).  For a limited time, you can register 4 coaches from one school or club for the price of 3.


For general information about the event: summercoach.msu.edu