Parents/Coaches Edition

Youth athletes deserve competent coaching and sport parenting. ISYS is committed to providing coaches and parents scientific information they can use to better lead youth and facilitate their development in sport and outside of it, as well.

Now more than ever, coach education is a priority

The following article is the annual message from the Director of the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, Dr. Dan Gould. As I write this version of the Director’s Report, I cannot help but think of two recent conversations I had about youth sports coaches. In the first conversation, a friend told me about… Read More »

What are the appropriate number of practices?

I sit on the board of our local soccer league and we are presently debating whether our youngest participants (ages 5 to 7) should be limited to one practice and one game per week. Some teams have been practicing 2 to 3 times per week and those teams win by a wide margin. However, a… Read More »