Full Sections, the Alert System, and the HBCL

April 24, 2017

The Alert System

Due to a rising Kinesiology population at MSU, many you have had issues with full classes during this enrollment period.  As advisors, we recognize the issue and sympathize with each individual situation.   While we do not provide overrides into full sections, we are currently working to gain more seats/sections in many of our courses.  Of course, this is a complicated process that may take some time.  Therefore, in the meantime, we recommend that you set alerts through Schedule of Courses.

If a section is full, you can still click on the ‘X’ to add it to your planner.  This won’t enroll you, but the class will appear in your Schedule Builder.  In that screen, you can select “Alert” to fill out a simple form.  You will have the option of being notified of an opening via text, e-mail or both.  We use the alert list to determine need, so we strongly recommend using this process for classes that you wish to enroll in.

During the period from June 12th-July 25th, the enrollment system closes down for our academic orientation (AOP).  You will not be able to change your schedule during that time-frame.  After completion of AOP, we are hoping to release more seats in several of our courses.  Keep an eye on Schedule of Courses throughout the summer and into the FS17/SS18 campaign.

HBCL – Undergraduate Research Opportunity

The Health Behaviors and Cognition Lab at MSU (http://education.msu.edu/kin/hbcl/) will be accepting Undergraduate Research Assistants for the 2017 summer term. This is a volunteer/unpaid position. The laboratory, directed by Dr. Matthew Pontifex, draws heavily from the domains of kinesiology, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience to investigate how aspects of health-oriented behaviors modulate the development of cognition in the normal preadolescent population as well as within children suffering from cognitive and attentional disorders.

The Health Behaviors and Cognition lab is looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to assist with on-going research projects during the 2017 summer term with the hope that those students will continue their involvement in the laboratory during the academic term as well. Undergraduate research assistants engage in activities such as administration of maximal exercise tests and neuropsychological assessments, preparation and measurement of neuroelectric activity, and data processing. Additionally, students who play a significant role in assisting research projects will have the opportunity to present some of the lab’s research findings at MSU’s annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum. The typical level of volunteer involvement is 6 to 10 hours per week.

Interested students are encouraged to attend open-call interviews on Wednesday (4/26) at 3p in room 43 IM Sports Circle or Friday (4/28) at 11a in room 43 IM Sports Circle. Students are encouraged to bring a resume and a copy of their anticipated summer availability. Priority will be given to those students with the potential to spend more than 1 semester volunteering in the lab.