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Joining on-campus clubs/organizations is a great way to help define your Spartan footprint. By getting involved, you will build your network, improve your resume, make new friends, and enhance your overall collegiate experience.

Michigan State University has over 700 registered student organizations, so there is truly something for everyone.  MSU Student Orgs

For those who are interested in joining a KIN-specific organization, the College of Education Leadership Council has provided a list of clubs/organizations appropriate for its student populations. Be sure to scroll through the entire list to find something that’s right for you. KIN Clubs

Whatever your interest, MSU has something for you.

Undergraduate Research

Research is not just for graduate-level students. Undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in a variety of kinesiology research interests as well. Reach out to the faculty member or graduate student leading the study (or studies) you’re most interested in getting involved with to see what you can do to join the research team. KIN Research

Since KIN is so interdisciplinary you should not feel confined to contributing to only kinesiology research. MSU has an undergraduate research database called Venture that you can use to find other research opportunities that might fit your academic and career interests. Venture Database

Study Abroad

The Summer Sports Program Down Under is the Kinesiology-based internship option that Michigan State has to offer. Students participating in this adventure spend 5 weeks in Australia in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Participants take two classes for a minimum of seven credits, as well as train in a sport of their choice.  Surfing is the most popular option. Typically, Kinesiology students enroll in KIN 330 and the second IAH or ISS requirement. Interested students can contact any of the program directors listed below.

Reggie Sheehan – Department of Political Science
Sandy Tupper – Office for Education Abroad
Sue Carter – School of Journalism
V. Dianne Ulibarri – Department of Kinesiology
Kinesiology/Athletic Training students who are interested in studying abroad are not limited to Australia, however. There are university requirements and elective options available all over the globe. MSU administers over 275 programs worldwide each year, and there are even Study Away options available in the United States. Through the Study Abroad homepage, you can search for other programs that meet your interests.

Volunteer & Job Shadow

A great way to learn more about a field is to volunteer or job shadow. It can also be a fantastic way to get a foot-in-the-door for future internships or job opportunities. But remember, volunteer work doesn’t need to be career-related to be a great experience for you. Serve in an area that you are passionate about to gain the most from your commitment. Use the MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement or reach out to specific organizations to seek volunteer opportunities MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Internships & Part-time Jobs

The KINternship is a Kinesiology degree requirement that all students must complete once they reach senior status (minimum of 88 credits). KINternship Page

This is a for-credit experience in a field related to kinesiology, and students will earn 3-6 credit hours toward their KIN degree. Each credit equates to 60 hours of internship service.

A common misconception is that students cannot pursue internship opportunities prior to senior standing. Simply put, this is not the case. Students can and should pursue internships and other on-the-job experiences (related and unrelated to major) throughout their time at MSU. As is the case for any extra-curricular involvement on- or off-campus, future employers and graduate schools tend to favor students who are actively engaged and have gained useful transferable skills (i.e. time management, organization, communication, customer service) through hands-on experiences. Use Handshake (replacing MySpartanCareer) as well as other personal connections and online resources to obtain internship and part-time job opportunities.

Career Exposure Events

Another great way to get involved and explore career options is to attend a Career Exposure Event. These events are offered every fall and spring semester and include networking events on- or off-campus for students to learn more about career areas such as sports, healthcare, nonprofits, entrepreneurship, and more. Career Exposure Events

The College of Education/Department of Kinesiology offers a kinesiology-specific exposure event every fall called Making KIN-nections. This event allows students to talk with professionals and alumni who are working in a variety of positions related to KIN careers. Many students have landed part-time, volunteer, internship, and even full-time opportunities from this event! Keep an eye out on the KIN-nections web site and on Handshake the next Making KIN-nections event time and location.

KIN-nections logo

Get involved.  Try new things.  Learn, grow, and have fun.