MAET Movers & Shakers

September 10, 2012

We would like to congratulate the following MAET students and alums who accepted new  jobs over the summer. They are shining examples of educational technology leaders and we as a program are very proud of their accomplishments. (On a techie side note, Jillian and Candace both interviewed for (and were offered) their jobs via Skype while studying overseas!)
Jillian Johnson ’12
MAET Path – Overseas
Dublin MAET Characters
New post: 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher 1:1 netbook classroom, Albemarle County Public Schools, Virgina
Jillian’s Website:
Guy Larcom ’12
MAET Path – Overseas
Dublin MAET Characters
New post: E-Learning Designer in the Office of Performance Excellence, Davenport University Grand Rapids, MI
Guy’s Website:
Candace Marcotte ’12
MAET Path – Overseas
Dublin MAET Characters
New post: Middle School Technology Facilitator in the Glenview Illinois Public School District
Candace’s website:
Kim Powell (current student)
MAET Path – Online & East Lansing Hybrid Cohort
Character Project-47
New post: Educational Technology Consultant with Jackson County ISD
Kim’s Website:
Cait Ryan (current student)
MAET Path – Overseas + Online
Dublin MAET Characters
New post: Instructional Designer, Techsmith, Okemos, MI
Cait’s Website:
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