Welcome, Brittany!

November 1, 2018

Image of Brittany, GC Program Coordinator

We are excited to announce a new MAET member! Brittany Dillman has joined our team as the MAET Graduate Certificate (GC) Program Coordinator. She will advise and support GC students and instructors and looks forward to assisting the larger MAET community, as well. Brittany has been involved in teaching MAET courses since 2013 and is thrilled to be in this new role.

Brittany comes to MAET by way of the College of Education’s doctoral program in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology. She plans to finish her dissertation and graduate within the 2018-2019 school year. In her graduate school experience, Brittany has focused on the lesson planning practices of pre-service mathematics teachers and how preparation for lessons influences students’ experiences. This curiosity stems from Brittany’s decade of teaching middle school mathematics and enjoying the process of organizing content and activities for students. Brittany approaches teaching and learning with energy and devotion. Her middle school students often likened her to Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady.

As a member of the MSU community, Brittany has taught many MAET courses, primarily working with the Capstone Portfolio Course (CEP 800/ED 870). She taught Year 2 Hybrid in the Summer of 2018 and has instructed CEP 822 and CEP 805 in the online versions. She is excited to learn with the entire MAET community moving forward.

When she is not at work, Brittany spends a lot of time with her family. Her husband, Peter, is the Director of the Project Management Organization for IT Services of MSU. They enjoy traveling, watching movies, and playing board games. Brittany is also the mother of twin toddlers who are wonderfully amazing and full of life and energy! Brittany can be found regularly drinking chai tea, making Shutterfly books, playing handbells, and listening to audiobooks. Please join us in welcoming Brittany to the team!