Cover Stories: The Power of Possibility

May 18, 2015


Education transforms individual lives and communities, building potential for our future in ways no other facet of society can match.

Since its beginning, the Michigan State University College of Education has been at the forefront of change. We never stop rethinking what it means to be an effective educator or how to prepare leaders who will make an impact on learning, health and well-being around the world. Today, public expectations for schools and colleges are incredibly high, and yet public funding is falling behind the needs of our students, faculty and programs.

That’s why the generosity of those who support the College of Education is becoming more important than ever. We ask our alumni and friends to join us as we embark on not only maintaining our reputation for quality research and teaching—but investing in priorities that will make the difference between being excellent and being exceptional.

As part of the university’s Empower Extraordinary campaign, the College of Education seeks to raise $75 million.

An Engine of Opportunity

The nation’s top students come to the College of Education because of their passion for teaching, research and helping people lead successful, healthy lives. However, the cost of higher education and the prospect of debt are growing obstacles. We need endowed scholarships to attract the most qualified, diverse students, especially those who lack financial means.

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A Force for Creativity, Discovery and Teaching

As leaders in their fields, our faculty members contribute critical knowledge through research, model excellent teaching and empower change in communities. We need endowed faculty positions—a coveted honor and powerful funding source—to recruit and retain the most sought-after experts and remain competitive with other universities.

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A Global Problem Solver

Solving the world’s greatest problems requires that educators be part of the team. The College of Education has expertise to tackle challenges such as improving math and science teaching and reducing obesity in children. But we need additional research funding, particularly endowments, to spark ideas into full-scale change.

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A Vibrant Community

The college’s collective impact spreads far beyond campus because of our commitment to connect theory with practice, collaborate with others and offer innovative learning opportunities. But our facilities cannot keep pace with a fast-growing volume of research and the demands of technology. We need to expand Erickson Hall and renovate IM Sports Circle.

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How can you Empower Extraordinary?

Discuss your interests and options for giving to the College of Education with staff in the Advancement Office by calling (517) 432-1983 or by visiting