Dear Spartan Alumni

June 22, 2016

krystenThe College of Education continues to produce outstanding graduates who obtain the skills to change lives on a daily basis. There is a great pride knowing your college—whether you earned undergraduate, graduate or multiple degrees—continues to surpass expectations and maintain such a positive light.

As your new assistant director of alumni relations and fellow College of Education graduate, my role will be to cultivate and enhance ways alumni engage with the college on multiple levels post-graduation. Our graduates can be found worldwide and how you individually engage with the college can be quite different. One thing remains the same, however: Our professionals within education and kinesiology fields alike are leaders not only in the workplace, but also in the community. Continuous high rankings, advancements in technology and astounding research opportunities are driving forces to stay connected or come back to a college you’ve lost touch with over the years. By promoting more inclusive professional development programs, simple engagement activities and events, my goal is to ensure alumni have the opportunity to not only interact with each other, but with current faculty, staff and students.

The College of Education Alumni Board, which is part of Michigan State University’s Alumni Association, will be evolving as well by taking advantage of new opportunities that arise. The board will serve in correlation with the college’s strategic goals through actions of collaboration, service and promotion. The board will assist the alumni relations department by engaging with alumni to assess interests while presenting new opportunities that advance the college.

Offering your time, talents and expertise to enrich the next generation of College of Education graduates can make an enormous impact on the college and university as a whole.  I’m looking forward to connecting with many of you as I continue my journey with the college!

Go Green!


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