Kinesiology student wins best poster presentation

April 8, 2011
Kimbo Yee, a doctoral student in kinesiology, received an award for best poster presentation during the 10th Annual Pediatric Research Day at MSU.

Yee’s poster described the effectiveness of Fit Kids 360, a weight management program developed by the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Healthy Weight Center, community groups and local advocates, including two pediatricians: Dr. Tom Peterson and Dr. Kathy Howard. 

The study involved examining the program’s six-week intervention on overweight and obese children’s pre-post measures including: habitual physical activity, screen time, and how obesogenic a child’s family is (via the Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Screening Tool). 

He and fellow researchers, including MSU kinesiology Professor Joe Eisenmann, found that there were no significant improvements in physical activity levels or screen time, but that children’s family and home environments improved with regards to obesogenic behaviors. 

MSU Pediatic Research Day, which highlights research by students and faculty related to children’s health, is a collaboration between DMC Childrens’ Hospital of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University.