Kinesiology students earn teaching awards

February 11, 2014

Two graduate teaching assistants in the Department of Kinesiology – Alexander Montoye and Kimbo Yee – have each received the Excellence-in-Teaching Citation from Michigan State University. The 2014 awards were given to six graduate students from across campus for the care and skill they have shown in meeting their classroom teaching responsibilities.

Alexander Montoye. Photos by Derrick Turner.

Alexander Montoye. Photos by Derrick Turner.

About Alexander Montoye

Alexander Montoye has been praised for the excellence and innovation that he brings to the classroom. In one of his laboratory courses, for example, he devised a study to determine students’ perceptions, preferences and performance related to completing work online or in class. He later expanded this study for his Certificate in College Teaching. Montoye also recruits students who have excelled in past semesters to help lead small groups. In this way, Montoye has mentored more than 50 students in effective teaching and leadership. In addition, he was among the graduate students that helped create MSU’s first massive open online course.

Montoye’s research has focused on improving health through enhanced measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior using wearable accelerometers. He has published work in scientific journals and given presentations around the world.

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About Kimbo Yee

Kimbo Yee. Photo by Derrick Turner.

Kimbo Yee. Photo by Derrick Turner.

Many of Kimbo Yee’s students rave about the effectiveness of his teaching, noting both the serious regard for his subject that he brings to the classroom as well as the entertaining qualities that imbue his presentations. Yee regularly encourages undergraduate students to pursue research endeavors, believing they can be an important part of their educational experience. His mentoring not only includes assisting students directly with their research but also encouraging them to participate in national and regional professional presentations of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Yee’s research focuses on the prevention and treatment of pediatric obesity in high-risk populations. In keeping with his commitment to community service, he has participated in numerous intervention programs related to pediatric obesity in schools, clinics, hospitals and community wellness centers across the state of Michigan.