Give 23 for 23: Alumni board student scholarships

August 28, 2017

$23 for 23 years Graphic. Overlay with Erickson in the background, Spring flowers

For 23 consecutive years, the College of Education at Michigan State University has been ranked #1 in elementary and secondary education, according to U.S. News & World Report. Several of the college’s other graduate programs are also highly ranked nationally.

Many members of the College of Education Alumni Board of Directors are graduates of these programs, and they take great pride in continuing to serve the college and all of the extraordinary students and alumni. Aligning with the college’s mission, the board has established scholarships that allow students to focus on their studies while alleviating some financial burden. Members are asking for support from their fellow alumni to grow and continue making these scholarships possible.

In celebration of the 23rd year of #1 rankings, they ask you to consider donating $23. This small amount from individuals can create collective power, helping to ensure current and future students have the opportunity to earn an outstanding education and empower other alumni and their communities.

Give $23 today.