Teacher Education Edition

New Study Shows the Impact of PBL on Student Achievement

Duke, N.K., & Halvorsen, A. (2017, June 20). New study shows the impact of PBL on student achievement [Web log post]. Retrieved from https://www.edutopia.org/article/new-study-shows-impact-pbl-student-achievement-nell-duke-anne-lise-halvorsen  In our study, we randomly assigned second-grade teachers in high-poverty schools that had low performance on state tests to two groups.  One taught social studies using the project-based units we designed (the experimental… Read More »

Easy as AcHGzrjq: The Quick Letter Name Knowledge Assessment

Tortorelli, L.S., Bowles, R.P., & Skibbe, L.E. (Advance online publication). Easy as AcHGzrjq: The quick letter name knowledge assessment. The Reading Teacher. A firm foundation in alphabet knowledge is critical for children learning to read. Under new literacy standards, letter name knowledge in preschool and kindergarten can function as a gatekeeper to the rest of the curriculum.… Read More »

New Ways to Engage Parents

Edwards, P. A. (2016).  New Ways to Engage Parents: Strategies and Tools for Teachers and Leaders, K–12. New York: Teachers College Press. Just as populations change, ideas about how to encourage and work with parents also need to evolve. This practical resource by bestselling author Patricia Edwards provides school leaders and classroom teachers with new and… Read More »

A Systematic Review of the Research on Vocabulary Instruction That Impacts Text Comprehension

Wright, T. S., & Cervetti, G. N. (2017). A systematic review of the research on vocabulary instruction that impacts text comprehension. Reading Research Quarterly, 52, 203-226. Although numerous studies have identified a correlational relationship between vocabulary and comprehension, we know less about vocabulary interventions that impact reading comprehension. Therefore, this study is a systematic review… Read More »

Fourth-Grade Emergent Bilinguals’ Uses of Functional Grammar Analysis to Talk About Text

Symons, C., Palincsar, A. S. & Schleppegrell M. J. (2017). Fourth-grade emergent bilinguals’ uses of functional grammar analysis to talk about text. Learning and Instruction.  While decades of research on reading comprehension strategy instruction has yielded significant insights into the effective use of comprehension strategies, less is known about how students—in particular students who are learning… Read More »

Re-imagining Teacher Education in Michigan

Teacher education is a key part of the education system. Through recruitment, selection, preservice preparation, and support for experienced teachers, teacher education institutions contribute to the quality of P-12 instruction, and ultimately to student learning. The design and conduct of teacher education is shaped by state and federal policies, by work of P-12 educators, and… Read More »