The legitimation of OECD’s global educational governance: examining PSA and AHELO test production.

Although international student assessments and the role of international organisations (IOs) in governing education via an evidence-based educational policy discourse are of growing interest to educational researchers, few have explored the complex ways in which an IO, such as the OECD, gains considerable influence in governing education during the early stages of test production. Drawing… Read More »

“Will I learn what I want to learn?”: Useable representations, ‘students,’ and OECD assessment production.

Amid growing debates around international assessment tools in educational policy, few have critically examined how students themselves are cast in policy tool production processes and discourse. Drawing on Stuart Hall’s concept of representation, we show how higher education (HE) ‘students’ are constructed, fixed and normalized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Assessment… Read More »

Alignment of instruction, expectations, and accountability testing for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Current large-scale assessment and accountability policies in the United States emphasize the need for all students to be appropriately included. However, there are many challenges to effective inclusion. Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) exhibit unique social communication and behavior challenges that can hinder their effective inclusion in instruction and testing. However, no studies have… Read More »

Using assessment to improve early elementary students’ knowledge and skills for comprehending informational text.

Although assessment of student progress in word reading skills is common, students’ knowledge and skills for comprehending informational text are rarely assessed. Despite research indicating the need for instruction in this area and a growing national understanding of its importance that is reflected in the Common Core State Standards, few formative assessment tools are readily… Read More »