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Report: U.S. school reforms differ from high-performing nations

A new report from the National Center on Education and the Economy says the United States must seek more ambitious changes in education practices in order to keep up with those countries that perform highest on international assessments. In this Education Week article, University Distinguished Professor William Schmidt said the report outlines critical points, including… Read More »

Are high school courses – or just their titles – becoming more advanced?

Studies show more U.S. students are taking more ambitious classes in high school, but they are not necessarily scoring any higher on standardized tests. Why? In this New York Times article, MSU Distinguished Professor William Schmidt says many courses in Michigan and Ohio high schools, where he has conducted research, don’t cover the types of… Read More »

Michigan: Many high school grads not proficient

The Michigan Department of Education produced an analysis that compared high school graduation rates with students’ scores on the Michigan Merit Exam, finding troubling gaps between proficiency levels and the number of graduates. Professor Sharif Shakrani weighs in on the issue in this Detroit News editorial.

Jack Smith edits new book on math standards

Jack Smith edits new book on math standards

Associate professor of educational psychology John P. Smith III is the editor of a new volume about the challenges of interpreting and implementing mathematics standards across the nation. Variability is the Rule: A Companion Analysis of K–8 State Mathematics Standards is published by Information Age Publishing as part of the Research in Mathematics Education series.  Michigan State Universitiy… Read More »

“Recomputing the pace of math”

“Recomputing the pace of math”

University Distinguished Professor William Schmidt says there is a problem with pushing U.S. students to move through mathematics courses too quickly. Montgomery County schools is restructuring and slowing down its math curriculum to align with new national standards and help students master the basics. Read the Washington Post story.

Editorial: Accelerating educational reform in Michigan

This editorial from The Detroit News describes the educational changes Michigan still needs, and what new Gov. Rick Snyder must focus on. University Distinguished Professor William Schmidt, co-director of the Education Policy Center at MSU, adds that tougher curriculum standards are needed to keep up with global competition.