inclusive communities

CHAE Speaker Series: Navigating Logics for Inclusive Student Affairs

Navigating Logics for Inclusive Student Affairs The logics of an organization—its values, rules, norms, and beliefs—influence the meaning individuals assign to their daily activities. In student affairs, these activities may reflect a range of logics that uphold or compete with those of the institution. With social justice and inclusion as core competencies and values for… Read More »

Teaching & Learning Conference & Spring Summit

The MSU Teaching and Learning Conference and the Student Success Summit leverage the campus community’s collective skills and knowledge about teaching, learning, and administrative processes to advance student persistence and success, and benefit the entire university community. Collectively, the conference and summit seek to: Actively engage participants Reflect current evidence-based practice Stimulate personal and professional… Read More »

Equity & Learning While Abroad

“Equity & Learning While Abroad: Being Mindful of the Local Global Dynamics” Global and intercultural learning is an essential component of education abroad; however, educators must also attend to intragroup diversity. Creating an inclusive study abroad program is more than having a diverse group of participants; it is about ensuring that the program environment provides… Read More »

Education Abroad Workshop Series

The EA workshop series continues in February with a session on “Creating Inclusive Communities to Enhance Intercultural Learning.” Creating an inclusive community among your Education Abroad participants can maximize the learning potential of your EA program, and can also help to diffuse contentious “hot topic” conversations into opportunities for intercultural growth and understanding. This workshop… Read More »