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London calling

I recently returned from a trip to England, where I had the opportunity to visit schools that have been involved in school improvement efforts. (I can’t make a trip to London without thinking about this Clash album, which was a staple when I was college.)  The purpose of the visit, which included Barbara Markle, Assistant… Read More »

Sausage, Springsteen, and (Against) School Violence

A week and a half ago I posted about the teacher education program negotiated rulemaking process going on at the U.S. Department of Education.  As I wrote at the time, the panel appointed by the Secretary of Education was having trouble coming to consensus on the regulations the Department should promulgate to evaluate teacher education… Read More »

Making Sausage in the Department of Education

Having taught educational policy throughout most of my career as a faculty member, I would often start the course with the old saying, “Policy is like sausage – you don’t want to see either being made.”  Just as most of us would not like to watch the sausage making process, for fear that we would… Read More »

Visiting a Chinese high school

As I described in my last post, I returned last week from my first visit to China, where we have a partnership with our colleagues in the College of Education at Southwest University (SWU) in Chongqing.  As part of the trip, we visited a school not far from the Southwest campus.  Its English name is… Read More »