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University Distinguished Professor Robert Floden became dean of the MSU College of Education on January 1, 2016, leading a vibrant community of scholars, students and staff members who are prepared to meet the toughest challenges in education and kinesiology. Learn more.

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Message from the Dean (Feb. 11, 2018)

Dear College of Education Community,

The past few weeks and months have been hard, upsetting and challenging times for many of us. As a community, we have started engaging in conversations that will help to begin healing and build a culture that’s more trusting, safe and accountable.

The Michigan State University College of Education held a town hall meeting on Feb. 6, 2018 where I described what I knew of recent events. Faculty, staff and graduate students talked about their feelings, questions and concerns and also suggested next steps. We are compiling a summary from the event to use in guiding our next steps. In addition, I plan to meet soon with the undergraduate Student Leadership Council.

I am saddened by the past, present and future suffering Nassar caused. I am also deeply troubled that issues of violence, abuse and harassment on our campus extend beyond this one terrible case. I hope the leadership and commitment many of you have shown will contribute toward changes needed for MSU to be more transparent, open, trusting and safe.

We must stand in support of the survivors of sexual assault, including members of our college community, and offer them the support they need. The resources listed below are now available. I am working with other deans to determine what additional resources are needed, as well as to identify changes that will reduce the time needed to obtain help from the existing resources. If you have suggestions regarding additional resources that are needed, please send them to me.

Michigan State University resources

Local and national resources

Robert Floden, Dean

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