Podcast Interview: Kara Naidoo and Susan Kirch

In this podcast, Kara Naidoo and Susan Kirch talk about the work behind their recent article, “Candidates Use a New Teacher Development Process, Transformative Reflection, to Identify and Address Teaching and Learning Problems in Their Work With Children.”  The article appears in the 2016 November/December Issue of JTE and is available here.

Author Interview: Francesca López

Francesca López provides some insight behind her research for the article, “Altering the Trajectory of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Asset-Based Pedagogy and Classroom Dynamics.”  The article can be found in the Mar/April issue in the Journal of Teacher Education.  Q. Were there any specific external events (political, social, economic) that influenced your decision to engage in… Read More »

Author Interview: Horn, Garner, Kane, & Brasel

In this interview, Ilana Seidel Horn, Brette Garner, Britnie Delinger Kane, and Jason Brasel discuss the research behind their recent article, “A Taxonomy of Instructional Learning Opportunities in Teachers’ Workgroup Conversations.” The article is available in the January/February issue of the Journal of Teacher Education.   Q. What motivated you to pursue this particular research topic? Teacher… Read More »

Author Interview: Dr. Hosun Kang

This interview features insights from the JTE article, “Preservice teachers’ learning to plan intellectually challenging tasks”, written by Dr. Hosun Kang. The article is featured in the January/February 2017 issue of JTE; you can read the article by going to this link. What motivated you to pursue this particular research topic? The topic of this study… Read More »

Author Interview: Jeff Bale Podcast

In this podcast interview, Dr. Jeff Bale talks about his recent JTE article, “Language Proficiency in an Era of Accountability: Using the Target Language to Learn How to Teach”. His article was published in the November/December 2016 issue of JTE and can be found online here.

Podcast Interview: Rojas & Liou

Leticia Rojas and Daniel Liou discuss some of the issues behind their article, “Social Justice Teaching Through the Sympathetic Touch of Caring and High Expectations for Students of Color.” The article appears in the 2017 January/February issue of JTE.