EAD 315 Mentored Teaching Experience

March 28, 2018
For those of you interested in facilitating EAD 315 through the mentored teaching apprenticeship, please read the attachment about the application process.
Course Description
EAD 315 is a three-credit, pass/no pass course for undergraduate students. Curriculum topics include leadership theories, leadership skills, self-awareness and efficacy, communication, diversity, interculturalism, ethics, teamwork, and group dynamics. Course facilitators are encouraged to utilize both experiential and discussion-based learning that enables students to practice and reflect on the leadership dispositions and skills addressed during the semester.
Mentored Teaching Experience Description
Because EAD 315 is a teaching apprenticeship, regular feedback, training, and support for facilitators is provided before they begin teaching and throughout the semester. Facilitators work closely with a HALE faculty member and a HALE doctoral student who jointly oversee administration of the course.
Training will be set up at the end of the semester/beginning of summer. Additionally, monthly professional development meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester.
All application materials are due no later than Friday, April 6, 2018. Please email your resume/CV and cover letter to Kyle Carter, Course Coordinator, at carte207@msu.edu. Please have your references fill out the reference form through the link included above.