Student Spotlight Edition

Congratulations, Dr. Yuekai Mlambo

Our recent HALE graduate, Dr. Yeukai Mlambo, was selected for the Dissertation of the Year Award from the Comparative and International Education Society HE-SIG for her dissertation Why not Academia? The Streamlined Career Choice Process of Black African American Women Engineers: A Grounded Theory Study. Her chair was Brendan Cantwell. Dr. Mlambo is currently a post-doctoral Fellow at… Read More »

Student Spotlight- Zackery Kowalski

First year SAA student, Zackery Kowalski, had the opportunity to speak on his experience as a College Adviser to the Michigan House Appropriation subcommittee on Higher Education Thursday, October 5th in Lansing. His testimony pertained why students have a need for resources centered around access to higher education. He served as a College Adviser at… Read More »