NASPA MSU Conference Schedule

February 27, 2018
Michigan State University Alumni & Friends Spartan Social – Monday, March 5; 8:30 – 10:00 pm; Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown, Independence Ballroom B
PC 47 Becoming a Student Affairs Researcher: A Session for Practitioners (Convention Center, 117), J. Patrick Biddix, The University of Tennessee; Brian Bourke, Murray State University; Gavin Henning, New England College; Kurt Keppler, Louisiana State University; Eric Norman, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne; Laura Osteen, Florida State University; Darby Roberts, Texas A&M University; Matthew Wawrzynski, Michigan State University
General Session: 
048 Knowing Their Values: Implications for Student Affairs Professionals (Convention Center, 123) Mackenzie Fritz, Michigan State University
317 A Century of Research in Student Affairs: An Interactive Retrospective (Convention Center, Terrace Ballroom 3 Area 1) J. Patrick Biddix, The University of Tennessee; Robert Schwartz, Florida State University; Michael Hevel, University of Arkansas; Janice Gerda, Case Western Reserve University; Matthew Wawrzynski, Michigan State University; Chris Ndiritu, The University of Tennessee
379 Using CAS for Evaluating Program Effectiveness and Enhancing Student Learning (Convention Center, 109 B) John Hoffman, California State University Fullerton; Gavin Henning, New England College; Laura Bayless, Fitchburg State University; Annemieke Rice, Campus Labs; Heather Shea, Michigan State University
418 Navigating the Culture of Whiteness & Patriarchy: Women of Color in Higher Education Leadership (Convention Center, 125) Sharon Chia Claros, Michigan State University; Debra Griffith, San Jose State University; Adela de la Torre, University of California-Davis; Rise Nelson, Yale University; Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, University of California-Davis; Espie Santiago, Stanford University; Brittany Derieg, University of California-Davis
579 Helping Students Navigate the Invisible Barriers of Undergraduate Research: Understanding Faculty Perspectives on Mentoring Students (Courtyard Marriott, Junipers Ballroom) Korine Wawrzynski, Michigan State University; Elizabeth King, Michigan State University
725 Exploring Social Justice in Transition Programs at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) (Marriott Downtown, Salon G) William Alexander, Michigan State University; Omar Simpson, Johns Hopkins University
733 Invest in the Asian Pacific Islanders Desi/American Communities in Higher Education (Convention Center, 113) A Natasia Bongcas, University of Illinois at Chicago; Jeffrey Tsang, Michigan State University; Brenda Dao, University of Washington Bothell; Blake Viena, New York University
Scholarly Paper: 
SP11 Growing Community: A Case Study of a Values-Based Interdisciplinary Living-Learning Program and Its Effects on Students’ Sense of Belonging and Purpose: Tom Fritz, Michigan State University; Heather Shea, Michigan State University; Alex Sylvester, University of North Texas; (Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown, Freedom Ballroom H)