Fall 2019 Course Offering: EAD 947 Comparative International Education Policy

May 13, 2019

EAD947: Comparative International Education Policy, 12:40-3:30pm, Tuesdays in Wells Hall

Instructor: Professor Amita Chudgar, amitac@msu.edu

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to global education policy actors, spaces and discourses. The course has three core components. First, we critically examine the ways in which national and international actors use their political and financial power, and ability to generate, legitimize and mobilize knowledge, to shape global education policy spaces and discourses. Second, we investigate the variations in how countries respond to these discourses, with a consideration of methodological challenges inherent in conducting international and comparative scholarship. Finally, throughout the semester we pay particular attention to the United States as a key actor shaping global educational discourses and consider also the implications of these discourses for education policies and practices in the United States. All assignments are structured to support and promote students’ individual scholarly interests and agendas.